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  • 10 Reasons Why African Men Love Ladies With Big Assets

    Through Every race and ethnic group and what they like about women but the passion African men have for big but-ts and bre-asts are extremely outrageous.

    Taking this as an example to explain the above, if two Ghanaian and 2 Nigerian men are discussing about a serious issue or some important business and if a woman with big but-ts or bre-asts passes, the whole conversation will come to a standstill but this is never the same with slim women. Most men often fight and some can even die because of big but-ts and will do anything to have them. Reading this, many will not believe a man can do anything just to have a lady with big butt’s or breasts but if you want evidence of this, you can go through our article on the list of women with big b00bs and but-ts and go to the comments section, you will see how African men are going crazy over these women. It seems to be a culture in itself.

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  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Having $ex Every Day

    When it comes to s#x, we often only have one thing on our my mind instead of all of the healthy benefits that come with being intimate with another person. However, there are some certain things about having s#x as often as possible that can really give you the boost that you need whether it be physically, emotionally, or mentally.

    1. Emotional Boost
    Having s#x is the ultimate surrender of emotions to someone else entirely. Giving them your every bit of raw feelings and how they make you feel. Even if you both don’t say “I love you” does not mean that it was a wasted experience. Being able to connect with other human beings on such a intense setting such as s#x can really boost your emotions to explore more of that kind of pleasure as well as happiness in yourself.

    2.Physical Improvements

    Having s#x as often as you can, can do wonders for your physical health. Essentially, when you are having s#x you are strengthening your cardiovascular system as well as your leg, hip, back, and muscles. Not too mention the weight your burn while you are busy.

    3.Mental Stability

    When you are feeling stressed, crushed, or are just in a weird state of mind, s#x can restore all of your positive thoughts and even get rid of all the doubt you were ever feeling before. Well, it may seem hard to perform while under that stress, but even with cuddling you begin to release a hormone that is known as Oxytocin, including dopamine which can melt all of your stress away.


    Helps Your Youth Last Longer

    By having s#x as often as you can, you are already off to a good start in defying your eternal clock. For women, s#x triggers a certain chemical that produces a human growth hormone which enables the process.

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  • Easy ways to dramatically reduce your mobile data usage on Android

    1. Restrict background data

    The easiest way to save data is to tell your apps (or the Android system itself) to restrict background data. Background data is all that internet traffic that goes on when you're not actually using an app: email syncing, feeds updating, weather widgets and so on.

    2. Ditch the Facebook app

    It's pretty well known among Android aficionados that the Facebook app is one of the biggest consumers of data, not to mention its high resource use and battery drain. So why not replace it with something less demanding?



    3. Disable auto-updating apps

    Another huge drain of your data allowance comes from the occasional bout of Google Play app updating. If you have the Play Store set to auto-update apps, even over a data connection, this could be chewing its way through your allowance every month without you even knowing.

    4. Use Opera's video compression

    The Opera for Android browser now has a very useful video compression option, which can save you a load of data if you're frequently watching videos on the go. To use it, simply download the Opera browser, go to Settings > Data savings and tick the box that says Video compression. This setting not only saves you data, but also means that videos are more likely to load faster



    5. Compress Chrome pages

    If you use Chrome for all your web traffic, this tip alone can save you 30-35 percent of your mobile browser data consumption. The Data Saver option compresses web pages before loading them in your browser.

    Using Data Saver does slow things down a tiny bit, but you quickly get used to it and a moment's delay is worth it when your data lasts so much longer. Just launch Chrome, tap the three dots in the top right-hand corner, go down to Settings and then to Data Saver. Keep an eye on the graph to see your data saving

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  • The World’s Top 10 Countries With The Most Prostitutes!


    Every year,about 3 million people travel on $ex tourism trips and this figure is on the rise.Currently,there are more than 25 organized $ex tour companies based in Miami,New York,and San Diego. This trend looks unlikely to change anytime in the near future.Here are the ten countries with the most $ex workers per 10,000 people.

    10. Thailand-45 $ex workers per 10,000 Prostitution is actually illegal in Thailand, however in practice it is tolerated and partly regulated.

    9. Germany-49 $ex workers per 10,000 Unlike other European Union countries, prostitution, even street prostitution, is wide spread, organized, and legal in Germany. It’s little wonder when you consider that organized prostitution in the country dates back to the 1200’s AD.

    8. Malaysia-52 $ex workers per 10,000 Prostitution is huge in Malaysia, however the dark side is strong. The United States has put Malaysia on the blacklist of countries with the worst cases of human trafficking and human rights abuse, including child prostitution.

    7. Brazil-53 $ex workers per 10,000 The act of prostitution itself (exchanging $ex for money) in Brazil is legal, but it is illegal to run a brothel or to employ prostitutes in any other way.

    6. China-60 $ex workers per 10,000 Prostitution is illegal in China but has been relegated to the status of a misdemeanor. Some researchers have conservatively estimated that there are as many as 10 million active prostitutes in China at any given time who contribute as much as five percent to the country’s annual GDP as most of the earned income, although not taxed, goes back into the economy through consumption.

    5. Nigeria-63 $ex workers per 10,000 A $ex tourism market for divorced older western women is on the rise in the country.

    4. Philippines-85 $ex workers per 10,000 The Philippines offers female company in the form of “bargirls”. Girls here often wear their “bargirl” ID tags in noticeable places, and are supposed to be regularly tested for STDs.

    3. Peru- 102 $ex workers per 10,000 Prostitution is legal for women over 18 years of age if they register with municipal authorities and carry a health certificate, and brothels must be licensed. Sadly, child prostitution in Peru has doubled in recent years.

    2. South Korea-110 $ex workers per 10,000 Despite legal sanctions and police crackdowns, prostitution continues to flourish in S Korea, while $ex workers continue to actively resist the state’s activities.

    1. Venezuela-119 $ex workers per 10,000 Poor economic conditions in the country have tripled the number of $ex workers here; even so, only one fifth of the workers actually are born in Venezuela.


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  • 9 Places To Touch And To Make Her Go Crazy For You!

    Besides the vag&na, butt, and breasts, there are some other areas that can arouse women and make them crazy for you. Men should know what these areas are because women can sense please all over their body. Touch these areas as foreplay or to relax your girl after a hard day at work.

     1. The nape of the neck was regarded as very attractive by men in ancient Japan because it was one of the few places on women’s body that were “naked”. Notice the reaction of your female partner after kissing her lightly on the nape of her neck.

    2. Women with a well defined clavicle are very s#xy. You should show how much you appreciate that with gently touches and kisses. Unbutton her shirt enough to reveal the clavicle. Also, you can pay more attention to this area while having s#x.

    3. Place your hand on her shoulder, but don’t be too pushy. Also, you can show you protect her by placing your hand against the small of the back. When alone, kiss or lick her spine and kiss the small of her back to make her crazy for you.

    4. A mistake men make is not paying more attention to the area behind woman’s knee. It is a mistake because this area is very sensitive and caressing it will arouse her.

    5. Make your woman go crazy for you by touching, kissing or lightly biting her earlobes. Also, you can try nibbling around the outside of the rest of her ear.

    6. By tracing your finger along her palm, no matter if you are alone or in public, you show your affection and caring for your partner.

    7. There is nothing more pleasing than a foot massage, especially after a long and tiring day. Grab some massage oil or lotion and massage her ankles, toes and the sides of her feet.

    8. Women visit a hairstylist not only because they want their hair to be beautiful, but also because hands are gently running through her hair. So, this means you can try this pleasure too. Using your fingers start to massage her temples and move to the nape of her neck.

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