• BREAKING: Mohammed Al-amoudi is safe and alive

    The rich Ethio-Saudi biliniore who is the second richest man in Africa, Mohammed Al-Amoudi has died in London Early morning of Tuesday, local newspaper reports. 

    Mohammed Al-Amoudi was in London for medical treatment but unfortunately he passed on at 70. The cause of his death is not immediately known as his body has since been sent for autopsy.

    Mohammed Hussein Ali Al-Amoudi is a Saudi Arabian and Ethiopian billionaire businessman who, in 2016 had his net worth estimated at Forbes at $8.3 billion and a relative fall in net value was linked to the global fall in oil and gold prices at the time of estimation.

    He was also listed as Ethiopia's richest man, the second richest Saudi Arabian citizen in the world and the second richest black person in the world.

    Al Amoudi made his fortune in construction and real estate before branching out to buy oil refineries in Sweden and Morocco. He is the largest individual foreign investor in Ethiopia and a major investor in Sweden.

     Source: te1egraph.com

    this is what te1egraph.com wrote, and this website is fake and they try to trick people into believing they are the telegraphhttp://www.telegraph.co.uk as far as we know mohammed al-amoudi  is safe and alive 

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  • Ethiopian PM Blames Olympic Protest on U.S.-Based Dissenters

    When Ethiopian marathoner Feyisa Lilesa held his arms in an “X” as he crossed the finish line for a silver medal last month at the Rio Olympics, he says he was culminating a political protest he’d planned for months. But top Ethiopian officials say he was put up to the stunt by U.S.-based opposition groups in order to protest the government’s crackdown on demonstrations and further fuel controversial secessionist movements at home and in neighboring Eritrea.

    Speaking to Foreign Policy in an exclusive interview from the living room of his suite at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel on Tuesday, Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn said he strongly believes that groups of anti-government Ethiopians based in the United States convinced the athlete to use the Summer Games as a protest venue. He also figures they helped get him from a Rio hotel to Washington, D.C. in time for a televised press conference last week.

    “It’s me who sent him to Rio for the Olympics, and we expected him to come back after winning the medal,” Hailemariam said, specifically naming members of the Oromo Liberation Front as having likely contributed to Feyisa’s protest. 

    “This is not the capacity of the man himself. It’s something which has been orchestrated by someone else from outside.”

    The OLF did not respond to multiple requests for comment. Feyisa could not be reached for comment, but he told the Washington Post earlier this month that Oromo sympathizers helped him with his U.S. visa application.

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  • Ethiopian-Israelis seek US intervention against Ethiopian government


    Over 250 Israelis of Ethiopian decent gathered in front of the US embassy on Monday in hopes of urging the US government to stop supporting the Ethiopian government, which they contend is oppressive and anti-democratic.

    “The United States must condemn the murders of Ethiopian citizens,” protestor Endalamaw Hailei told the Post, “I joined because I care about Ethiopia.


    Anti-government protests in the Oromira and Amhara regions of Ethiopia began in November 2015. A June Human Rights Watch Report stated that over 400 Ethiopians have been killed in clashes with the government, while this August 97 protesters died in clashes according to Amnesty International.

    Israel’s Ethiopian community numbers some 140,000 many of whom still have family in Ethiopia.

    According to protestors, the decision to picket the US Embassy and not the Ethiopian Embassy is because they believe that only the US government can influence Ethiopian government.

    Avraham, who declined to state his last name, has a sister and three nephews in Ethiopia. “We are here to influence the US government to stop the oppression in Ethiopia. People are dying over nothing,” he said, “I worry about my family there all the time.”


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  • A Young Ethiopian girl killed in a random Shooting

    A Young Ethiopian girl killed in a random Shooting.

    (Sept. 17/2016) Philadelphia: - Sara Beyan, 27, was sitting in a car with her boyfriend last Friday night, when a man came and shoot them multiple times. Police said that, the shooter, named Glenn, was chased by a police car after he also shot a police officer in west Philadelphia. While he was running, he just stops and shoots to Sara Beyan and her boyfriend, who happen to be on the wrong place, wrong time. Sara's family came to the US from Ethiopia 25 years ago. Her father, Beyan Salah works for a parking company and her Mother Zehara Seid works as a house keeper in the university of Philadelphia.

    Sara was studying fashion design in a community College. Her boyfriend, whose name is not released, is in critical condition. Her father Beyan Salah said that he heard the shot, but he didnt expect it was for his daughter. R.I.P

    Source: Admas News



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  • Ethiopian Airlines passenger held in Tanzania over destruction charges


    Ethiopian Airlines passenger is under police and security supervision in Tanzania charged of causing chaos, destruction of an aircraft part and disturbance to passengers on board.

    The passenger known as Ally Thabit Ally an Oman citizen, had booked a flight on Ethiopian Airlines from Tanzania’s commercial city of Dar es Salaam to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia last week.

    Police and security operatives from the Julius Nyerere International Airport (JNIA) said the person, a student in Oman had booked the plane to Addis Ababa and caused destruction to the aircraft parts and flight delay at the Tanzania’s airport.

    The person, police said, had booked the flight to Addis Ababa then boarded the plane, but locked himself in the aircraft latrine for several minutes and when the aircraft was taxing on the runway ready to take off, the cabin crew noted an empty seat with a missing passenger on board.

    Police and security operatives further said that the shocked crew alerted the pilot of the missing passenger, a situation which forced the pilot to reverse the aircraft to the parking area where airport security stormed into the plane in an effort to search for the missing passenger.

    After counting all passengers on board, they found an empty seat, then directed their eyes to the aircraft toilet to find it locked.

    They knocked the latrine door with all efforts but with no response for more than ten minutes, but applied force to let the person out with positive response.

    Police further said the person was found locked inside the ET aircraft’s latrine and when interrogated, he complained of diarrhoea and a loose stomach which forced him to stay inside the aircraft’s latrine for a long time.

    “It took the airport security officials more than15 minutes knocking the aircraft latrine door to get the person out but in vain. As the security personnel were contemplating the next step, the person opened the door and got out”, said the Jnulius Nyerere International Airport official.

    “Soon after getting out of the latrine, he told us that he was suffering from diarrhoea and a loose stomach. There was no alternative more than cancelling his trip for security reasons and we later booked him to the airport police station for further interrogation”, added the airport official.

    The person is now under police custody waiting court charges, accused of causing destruction to ET’s aircraft latrine’s door.

    Further reports said that the person has been thoroughly interrogated to establish if he was planning to hijack the plane and whether he was an airborne terrorist but, only found him with aircraft destruction offense.

    Tanzanian police said the person will be sent to court soon after assessing the costs incurred from the destruction and the value of the aircraft part he had destroyed before letting him out of Tanzania.

    “We are working closely with Ethiopian Airlines to establish the incurred loss and the value of the aircraft part which the person had caused before charging him and letting him to fly out of Tanzania”, senior police official told eTN.

    “We are as well, waiting to receive from the Ethiopian Airlines managers in Tanzania, the actual costs of the aircraft’s latrine door that the person had broken before taking more legal steps against the person. After the court process, we will let him continue with his flight to his final destination”, airport police official told eTN.

    Before allowed to take off, the ET plane delayed for a specified time for security purposes. It later flew to Addis without the said passenger known as Ally Thabit Ally, a citizen of Oman.


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