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  • 10 Things Women Secretly Want … But Are Too Embarrassed To Ask.

    #1. Stop being so predictable and surprise her with a seksy time out the blue.

    Do you usually have seks on Wednesday and Sundays? It's not about all the stuff that has to get done in the day. Surprise her as she is walking past you in the hallway and seduce her.

    Stop being so predictable and surprise her with a sexy time out the blue.


    #2. Try to be more sensuous by softly k1ssing her.

    It may sound cliché but women love it when men pamper them with rose petals on the bed, a glass of wine, and seductive k1ssing. You know she loves it when she happily k1sses you back.

    Try to be more sensuous by softly kissing her.


    #3. Women may have been taught to act a certain way in the bed but they still love rough .

    Your partner does not always want to do it same style. She wants you to be strong and in control. Whether it's biting, gently pull her hair or even spanking, this dominant style drives her wild. Remember to have a "safe" word for both in case it feels like this type of seks is getting out of hand.

    Women may have been taught to act a certain way in the bedroom but they still love rough sex.


    #4. She likes to play dress-up and we don't mean a Disney princess.

    Everyone imagines themselves as a superhero, villain or even in a completely different occupation. The point is to let the inner actor come out to play and perform.

    She likes to play dress-up and we don't mean a Disney princess.


    #5. Women tend to be h0rniest in the evening hours but that doesn't mean you can't try early on.

    Bring her breakfast in bed and begin with a massage or a k1ss. You'll be surprised how quickly she turns into a morning person.

    Women tend to be horniest in the evening hours but that doesn't mean you can't try early on.


    #6. Convince her to tell you what she wants from seks. Send her seksy texts throughout the day.

    Sex is good but she may also like it when you talk dirty to her. Are there particular parts of her body that she wants touched? You will never know if you don't ask and she may be too embarrassed to tell you outright.

    Convince her to tell you what she wants from sex. Send her sexy texts throughout the day.

    #7. Do you need to be somewhere in 10 minutes? No, then for goodness sake's slow down!

    This is the perfect time to explore her erogenous zones. Look into each other's eyes, kiss, touch, and touch some more. Savour every minute of love.

    Do you need to be somewhere in 10 minutes? No, then for goodness sake's slow down!


    #8. Your partner may not publicly admit it but she loves 0ral seks.

    Not every 0ral act is the same. You will get a better idea when she either straight up tells you or when her body is completely relaxed. Take your time. One tip, start k1ssing her from the neck and work your way down.

    Your partner may not publicly admit it but she loves oral sex.


    #9. Why don't you do some of the work and undress her.

    Slowly take off her clothes, start with her dress and move on. This should definitely include a lot of touching and k1ssing. This is one sensual step that is often ignored or done way too quickly.

    Why don't you do some of the work and undress her.


    #10. Don't be shy and explore having seks outside the bedroom.

    Have seks in the shower, on top of a washing machine, the work desk. Heck, go to the car like the good old days. The point is to be adventurous and remind her that you want her anytime and anywhere

    Don't be shy and explore having sex outside the bedroom.

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  • 9 Places To Touch And To Make Her Go Crazy For You!

    Besides the vag&na, butt, and breasts, there are some other areas that can arouse women and make them crazy for you. Men should know what these areas are because women can sense please all over their body. Touch these areas as foreplay or to relax your girl after a hard day at work.

     1. The nape of the neck was regarded as very attractive by men in ancient Japan because it was one of the few places on women’s body that were “naked”. Notice the reaction of your female partner after kissing her lightly on the nape of her neck.

    2. Women with a well defined clavicle are very s#xy. You should show how much you appreciate that with gently touches and kisses. Unbutton her shirt enough to reveal the clavicle. Also, you can pay more attention to this area while having s#x.

    3. Place your hand on her shoulder, but don’t be too pushy. Also, you can show you protect her by placing your hand against the small of the back. When alone, kiss or lick her spine and kiss the small of her back to make her crazy for you.

    4. A mistake men make is not paying more attention to the area behind woman’s knee. It is a mistake because this area is very sensitive and caressing it will arouse her.

    5. Make your woman go crazy for you by touching, kissing or lightly biting her earlobes. Also, you can try nibbling around the outside of the rest of her ear.

    6. By tracing your finger along her palm, no matter if you are alone or in public, you show your affection and caring for your partner.

    7. There is nothing more pleasing than a foot massage, especially after a long and tiring day. Grab some massage oil or lotion and massage her ankles, toes and the sides of her feet.

    8. Women visit a hairstylist not only because they want their hair to be beautiful, but also because hands are gently running through her hair. So, this means you can try this pleasure too. Using your fingers start to massage her temples and move to the nape of her neck.

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  • The Worst Bathroom Fails… You Have Never Seen Before!

    Here are few bathroom fails that you might have never seen before. They could practically make it impossible for you to take a leak or maybe you would enjoy it more? Err.. Well checking out the pictures might let you know, unless, you want to try it out?

    Would you like if someone keeps an eye on you?

    Maybe you would enjoy being in the lap of someone?

    Now that's one way to organize the doodie.


    Which one of these you would prefer to be in front of?

    You better jump off than rinsing your hands.


    That is built to turn you on, I bet!


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  • Best Android antivirus 2016


    Whether you are looking to keep your phone safe from theft or a Virus, this is the best android antivirus 2016.

    Best Android antivirus 2016

    With the inbuilt App lock and security engine, CM Security is the complete firewall solution.CM security (Clean Master) is an award-winning security option and provides some of the best malware protection on Android.  It has bundled with various features like Find My Phone, Safe browsing, and App lock.

    It will help to protect apps, media files, and other personal Whatsapp, Viber or any other messaging apps conversation from others.

    Download  ➤➤➤ CM Security AntiVirus for your Android Phone


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  • Qualities of a Perfect Girlfriend



    Here are a few most desirable qualities every man is looking out for. You are a lucky man if you have found some of the qualities in your spouse.

    Dose not have a nagging nature

    Nagging is the biggest relationship killer of all times. Nagging simply leads to resentment and irritation. No man would like to be mothers around and being reminded about their tasks at all times. It simply sucks the fun out of your relationship. The amount of energy you waste it on nagging could be well invested in planning a date or prepare a romantic dinner.

    Does not depend on you

    Emotionally or financially being independent is the key to a successful relationship. No one wants to just be the shoulder to cry on. It is a good thing that you are emotionally connected but if she cannot function without you that would completely be suffocating the relationship.

    She is intelligent

    In a man’s theory, “Intelligence is sexy”. Being with the one who is sorted is something all men would want. An intelligent woman will always keep surprising you, and make you want to explore more in her. Things would never get boring. If you are looking out for the best quality in your woman, this is something to crave for.


    Beauty sure attracts men. Getting attracted to looks and charm is something biological. It is human nature to caress a flower and not the weed. Most of the men will want an attractive partner to cover up for his insecurities and her charm thereby to boost his ego. Being with a girl who all men want can sure be a great feeling.


    A woman who can completely express themselves are a hard treat to find. It is fun to be with a delightfully expressive girl who when happy screams and jumps with joy or their hilarious expression when they lose a game. To show love increases the intimacy between the two. Her energy would always keep you want more and keep the flame of romance burning.


    Isn’t it great to have a friend in your partner? It is bot that she would just spend her life with you it is an added bones that she gets along with your friends and family well. This relationship with a friend would entitles your freedom and fun.

    So when looking out for the perfect match these points would help you scrap out the best. You just hope when the dinosaurs exist so does the unicorns. Be a pro, there is more to gain than to get hurt.

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  • Crack any WiFi password using simple steps



    It is very easy to find WiFi password using few cmd commands. This command works even when you are offline or you are connected to some other WiFi network. Using this command, we can further optimize our particular WiFi network like turning on some features such as mac randomization, changing the radio type of your WiFi etc.
    whenever we connect to a WiFi network and enter the password to connect to that network, we actually make a WLAN profile of that WiFi network. That profile is stored inside our computer along with the other required details of the WiFi profile.
    These steps work even when you are totally offline or you are not connected to the particular wifi you are looking the password for.
    How to know the WiFi password using cmd:
    1.Open the command prompt and run it as administrator.
    2. In the next step, we want to know about all the profiles that are stored in our computer. So, type the following command in the cmd:
    netsh wlan show profile
    This command will list out all the WiFi profiles that you have ever connected to.
    3. Type the following command to see the password of any WiFi network:
    netsh wlan show profile WiFi-name key=clear
    4. Under the security settings, in the ‘key content’, you see the WiFi password of that particular network.
    Besides knowing the password, you can also use this result to further optimize your WiFi. For example, Under the profile information, you can see mac randomization is disabled. You can turn on mac randomization feature to avoid your location tracking based on the device’s MAC address.
    Here is how to turn on mac randomization on Windows 10:
    1.Go to settings and click on ‘Network & internet’
    2.Choose the ‘WiFi’ in the left pane and click on the advanced option.
    3. Turn on the ‘Random Hardware Address’ feature under this settings. If your wireless hardware does not support this feature, the “ Random Hardware Addresses ” section will not show up at all in the settings app.
    Once you have turned this on, you are done.
    Also, under the connectivity settings, in radio type, you can see the whole list. Channel interference could be another reason for a slow WiFi. So, next time, you might also like to change the radio type settings for a better speed.
    As far as radio type is concerned, you can also change that in your router for a better connection or connectivity. 
    If you are also aware of some more tricks and tweaks like this, please put them in the comment below. We would be happy to feature some of those in our next articles.

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  • Scholarship programs in Norway



    Ethiopian graduate students may apply for admission to a variety of undergraduate and graduate degree programs in Norway. Norway offers a unique student experience and Norwegian higher education institutions welcome applications sent by qualified students from all over the world. If you are interested in learning abroad and if you think Norway could be a great choice you can find some information regarding  Scholarship programs in Norway.

    Scholarship programs in Norway

    1.International Summer School Scholarships at University of Oslo

    The University of Oslo offers scholarships to applicants from certain countries to study Masters and Bachelor’s courses offered during the International Summer School.

    Host Institution(s):

    University of Oslo, Norway

    Scholarship value:

    Full scholarships may include basic fee, additional fees, pocket money allowance, and plane ticket to and from Norway. Partial scholarships cover only all or part of the Basic fee and additional fees (if applicable).

    Visit ➤ Official Scholarship Website

    2.Norwegian Partnership Program for Global Academic Cooperation (NORPART)

    The program will support academic partnerships and student mobility with an emphasis on the Master and PhD level. The program addresses both higher education policy and development policy goals.

    Application Deadline: The final deadline for submitting applications is 5 September 2016, at 15:00 Norwegian time (CET).

    How to Apply

    The applications should be prepared jointly by the main partner institution in Norway and the other partner institution(s).


    Visit ➤Official Scholarship Website

    Scholarship programs are designed to give opportunity to proactive students who have a strong desire to succeed. In order to get a scholarship award you need to be active in researching and applying for programs. Apply to every scholarship program that meets your needs and requirements.

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  • Cristiano Ronaldo’s Private Plane Crashes



    Safe! Cristiano Ronaldo’s private jet crashed in Barcelona on Monday, September 26, but the soccer superstar was not on board.

    According to ESPN, the plane’s landing gear broke down as it was nearing Barcelona’s El Prat airport on Monday, causing it to run off the runway upon landing.


    Miraculously, no one was injured in the accident. (According to Spanish media reports, the plane seats eight passengers and a crew of two, but it is unclear how many people were aboard the aircraft at the time of the incident.)

    Ronaldo, 31, was in Dortmund, Germany, at the time with his team, Real Madrid, in preparation for a match against Borussia Dortmund.


    The Portuguese hunk — one of the world’s richest athletes, worth an estimated $320 million — made headlines in July after he suffered a serious knee injury at the Euro 2016 Final tournament against France on Sunday, July 10. Ronaldo collided with France midfielder Dimitri Payet, causing him to collapse on the ground in excruciating pain.

    The 6-foot-1 player was taken off the field on a stretcher, and was replaced by teammate Ricardo Quaresma.

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  • Global Firepower Rank

    The finalized ranking relies on over 50 factors to determine a given nation's Power Index ("PwrIndx") score. This allows smaller, though more technologically-advanced, nations to compete with larger, lesser-developed ones. Modifiers in the form of bonuses and penalties are added to refine the list. Some things to observe in regards to the finalized ranking:

    • Ranking does not simply rely on the total number of weapons available to any one country but rather focuses on weapon diversity within the number totals to provide a better balance of firepower available (i.e. fielding 100 minesweepers does not equal the strategic and tactical value of fielding 10 aircraft carriers).
    • Nuclear stockpiles are NOT taken into account but recognized / suspected nuclear powers receive a bonus.
    • Geographical factors, logistical flexibility, natural resources and local industry influence the final ranking.
    • Available manpower is a key consideration; nations with large populations tend to rank higher.
    • Land-locked nations are NOT penalized for lack of a navy; naval powers ARE penalized for lack of diversity in available assets.
    • NATO allies receive a slight bonus due to the theoretical sharing of resources.
    • Current political / military leadership is NOT taken into account.

    As of 4/1/2016 there are a total of (126) countries included in the GFP database.


    0.0897 - United States of America (North America; NATO)
    0.0964 - Russia (Asia)
    0.0988 - China (Asia)
    0.1661 - India (Asia)
    0.1993 - France (Europe; NATO; Eunion)
    0.2164 - United Kingdom (Europe; NATO; Eunion)
    0.2466 - Japan (Asia)
    0.2623 - Turkey (Asia; Middle East; NATO)
    0.2646 - Germany (Europe; NATO; Eunion)
    0.2724 - Italy (Europe; NATO; Eunion)
    0.2824 - South Korea (Asia)
    0.3056 - Egypt (Africa; Middle East)
    0.3246 - Pakistan (Asia)
    0.3354 - Indonesia (Asia; Southeast)
    0.3359 - Brazil (South America; Latin)
    0.3591 - Israel (Middle East)
    0.3684 - Vietnam (Asia; Southeast)
    0.3909 - Poland (Europe; NATO; Eunion)
    0.3958 - Taiwan (Asia)
    0.4068 - Thailand (Asia; Southeast)
    0.4071 - Iran (Middle East)
    0.4192 - Canada (North America; NATO)
    0.4209 - Australia (Asia)
    0.4335 - Saudi Arabia (Middle East)
    0.4442 - North Korea (Asia)
    0.4514 - Algeria (Africa)
    0.4913 - Spain (Europe; NATO; Eunion)
    0.5147 - Greece (Europe; NATO; Eunion)
    0.5774 - Sweden (Scandanavia; Eunion)
    0.5867 - Ukraine (Europe)
    0.6286 - Mexico (North America; Latin)
    0.6378 - Czech Republic (Europe; NATO; Eunion)
    0.6584 - Myanmar (Asia; Southeast)
    0.6679 - Malaysia (Asia; Southeast)
    0.7073 - Argentina (South America; Latin)
    0.7078 - Syria (Middle East)
    0.7112 - Switzerland (Europe)
    0.7147 - Norway (Scandanavia; NATO)
    0.7182 - Netherlands (Europe; NATO; Eunion)
    0.7501 - Peru (South America)
    0.7502 - Colombia (South America; Latin)
    0.7619 - Ethiopia (Africa)(46th)
    0.7744 - Romania (Europe; NATO; Eunion)
    0.7856 - Nigeria (Africa)
    0.7882 - Venezuela (South America; Latin)
    0.8252 - South Africa (Africa)
    0.8283 - Chile (South America; Latin)
    0.8384 - Uzbekistan (Asia)
    0.8449 - Belarus (Europe)
    0.8453 - Denmark (Scandanavia; Europe; NATO; Eunion)
    0.8661 - Philippines (Asia; Southeast)
    0.8683 - Bangladesh (Asia)
    0.8722 - Kazakhstan (Asia)
    0.8878 - Angola (Africa)
    0.8952 - Finland (Scandanavia; Eunion)
    0.9011 - Morocco (Africa)
    0.9135 - Austria (Europe; Eunion)
    0.9301 - United Arab Emirates (Middle East)
    0.9342 - Iraq (Middle East)
    0.9349 - Azerbaijan (Asia)
    0.9678 - Yemen (Middle East)
    1.0007 - Hungary (Europe; NATO; Eunion)
    1.0199 - Portugal (Europe; NATO; Eunion)
    1.0241 - Singapore (Asia; Southeast)
    1.0391 - Belgium (Europe; NATO; Eunion)
    1.0611 - Afghanistan (Asia)
    1.0657 - Bulgaria (Europe; NATO; Eunion)
    1.0733 - Croatia (Europe; NATO; Eunion)
    1.1582 - Ecuador (South America)
    1.2354 - Jordan (Middle East)
    1.2356 - Sudan (Africa)
    1.3169 - Libya (Africa)
    1.3384 - Democratic Republic of the Congo (Africa)
    1.3687 - Slovakia (Europe; NATO; Eunion)
    1.3731 - Kenya (Africa)
    1.4089 - Tunisia (Africa)
    1.4219 - Oman (Middle East)
    1.4601 - Kuwait (Middle East)
    1.4637 - Cuba (Central America)
    1.5148 - Georgia (Asia)
    1.5483 - Bolivia (South America)
    1.5508 - Zimbabwe (Africa)
    1.5868 - Serbia (Europe)
    1.6268 - Sri Lanka (Asia)
    1.6539 - Zambia (Africa)
    1.6722 - Turkmenistan (Asia)
    1.7981 - Mongolia (Asia)
    1.8224 - Cambodia (Asia; Southeast)
    1.8307 - Chad (Africa)
    1.8564 - Albania (Europe; NATO)
    1.8778 - Bahrain (Middle East)
    1.8793 - Uganda (Africa)
    1.8956 - Qatar (Middle East)
    1.9113 - Armenia (Asia)
    1.9243 - Lebanon (Middle East)
    1.9561 - Tanzania (Africa)
    1.9598 - Lithuania (Europe; NATO; Eunion)
    1.9741 - Nepal (Asia)
    1.9801 - South Sudan (Africa)
    2.0476 - Ghana (Africa)
    2.0791 - New Zealand (Asia)
    2.1576 - Guatemala (South America)
    2.1777 - Latvia (Europe; NATO; Eunion)
    2.2177 - Paraguay (South America; Latin)
    2.2291 - Uruguay (South America; Latin)
    2.2407 - Cameroon (Africa)
    2.2971 - Honduras (Central America)
    2.3061 - Mozambique (Africa)
    2.3138 - Estonia (Europe; NATO; Eunion)
    2.3158 - Kyrgyzstan (Asia)
    2.3958 - Slovenia (Europe; NATO; Eunion)
    2.4322 - Tajikistan (Asia)
    2.4372 - Nicaragua (Central America)
    2.4719 - Niger (Africa)
    2.4901 - Ivory Coast (Africa)
    2.6638 - Mali (Africa)
    2.7535 - Madagascar (Africa)
    2.8204 - Gabon (Africa)
    2.8447 - Republic of the Congo (Africa)
    2.8574 - Bosnia and Herzegovina (Europe)
    2.8947 - Laos (Asia; Southeast)
    3.0997 - El Salvador (Central America)
    3.2877 - Panama (Central America)
    3.3534 - Namibia (Africa)
    3.4241 - Somalia (Africa)
    3.7343 - Central African Republic (Africa)
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