Unfortunately, the Internet is loaded with many different DIY remedies, tips and methods – including skin care tips. Well, we’re not saying that they’re bad for you! We’re just saying that you should be very careful because some of them can do more harm than good! Yes, some of these homemade skin remedies can do more damage to your skin – than improve its health. As we said, there are many different homemade skin care tips, homemade creams, and other DIY skin care products on the internet today! But, you should be very careful and avoid using this 10 homemade remedies and ingredients!


    1. Hairspray

    You’ve probably noticed that many different home remedies for skin care include hairspray! Why – because the hairspray will help you dry out the acne and help you with other skin problems. Yes, hairspray will dry out your skin and acne, but it will also clog your pores and lead to irritation of the skin.

    1. Body Lotion

    The body lotion is called body lotion for a good reason – it is specially designed for your body, not your face. The skin on your body is much thicker and more resistant. And, you should know that the body lotions usually contain more aroma and fewer ingredients that are intended to moisturize.

    1. Toothpaste

    Many people around the world apply toothpaste on their face – usually to dry out the acne. Yes, this will help you with your acne problems, but, unfortunately, it will also irritate the skin and can cause serious skin problems, such as chemical burns or scars.

    1. Vaseline

    Many people around the world use Vaseline to moisturize their dry or chapped skin. You can also use this ingredient to treat bites from bugs or cuts, but, you should be very careful because this ingredient is not the best solution for your face. When you apply Vaseline for the first time, you usually get that feeling like it’s too moisturizing and softening your skin, but it actually leads to more pimples and dry condition.

    1. Hot water

    We all love a hot and steamy shower. But, you should be very careful, because too much hot water will soften the natural oils and remove the protective barrier that keeps moisture from escaping. This will cause more dryness.

    1. Hydrogen Peroxide

    Many people around the world use this powerful ingredient to prevent infection of minor cuts and burns, but – you should know that hydrogen peroxide isn’t a good choice for treating acne. Many experts around the world also say that hydrogen peroxide can cause inflammation and allergic reactions.

    1. Sugar

    Many different DIY skin care products contain sugar, right? This is another idea that seems like it will work, but it actually does more harm than good. As we mentioned before, your facial skin is not as elastic as the skin on your body. This ingredient may be good for your body or your feet, but it can damage your skin on the face.

    1. Alcohol

    Alcohol can be beneficial for many different things, but not for your face. The alcohol may be used to sterilize the wound and prevent infection. When you apply alcohol on your face, you can feel the freshness, but it can actually dissolve the DNA of your skin cells, resulting in dead skin cells.

    1. Baking soda

    We all know that baking soda has a rough texture and consistency, which is the main reason why many people think that this is the best ingredient for skin peeling. The experts say that maintaining the natural pH balance is vital to have a healthy skin. So, if you use baking soda to restore this balance, it will damage your skin and prevent it being able to retain moisture.

    1. Lemon

    You should know that the lemon can disrupt your pH balance from your face, which means that you should avoid using any of these items on site. As we said you should avoid these 10 ingredients, because they can do more harm than good! We really hope you find this article helpful and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. Thank You and take care!

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  • What the location of your spots says about your health


    Spots are one of the most annoying everyday occurrences we can all relate to.

    They can be painful, they are often conspicuous, and they're always inevitably ill-timed - we've probably all got school photos to prove it.

    The thing to take solace in is that no one who cares about you gives a damn about blemishes or blackheads, in fact, they probably love you more for them.

    But if you're wondering what causes your breakouts, we've made a brief breakdown below:

    Between your eyebrows or on your nose

    According to Dr Joshua Zeichner, director of cosmetic and clinical research at Mt Sinai Hospital in New York City, this means that you're either going through puberty or you're experiencing a lot of stress.

    Your fight or flight stress response, an increase of adrenaline, can increase oil production and therefore you're more susceptible to breakouts, especially in these areas.

    Your hairline

    Probably too much hair product, or you've rubbed in into your skin, clogging your pores.

    Either that or you push your hair back frequently with dirty hands, pushing grease into your pores.

    Around your mouth

    Most likely your diet, residue from acidic foods and grease are the most likely culprits to block your pores.

    If you've just had a burger, think twice about putting your fingers on your face and have a quick wash.

    Your cheeks

    More than likely it means you need to wash your hands, as these are most commonly in contact with these areas.

    In addition, it might be time to clean that keyboard or phone.

    Your ears

    These are often linked with dehydration, for which the remedy is simple. Drink more water and less soft drinks.

    Your upper arms

    Often, this is an especially prevalent skin condition called keratosis pilaris, which takes the form of rough and bumpy red spots covering the skin like a rash.

    It's a hereditary condition and is very common, occuring when too much keratin builds up in the skin's hair follicles.

    NHS advice for this is to use non soap cleansers, as ordinary soap could be drying your skin out, making the condition worse, using moisturisers and taking lukewarm showers as opposed to hot baths.

    Anywhere else

    However, as with all things medical, seeing a doctor is far superior than looking for answers on the internet - if you feel you may have a skin condition then its best to get it checked out.

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  • How to Be Healthy and Happy

    We all want to be healthy, happy, free of stress and more productive in life. If you want to be happier and more content, then this is the right place to enrich yourself with smiles, caring for yourself, staying in shape, possessing a healthy mind and sound body.


    1. Image titled Be Healthy and Happy Step 1
      Get enough sleep. It not only keeps you healthy but also you will be happier. As it is rightly said "Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise", so make sure you go to sleep earlier or if there is any problem that you don't keep a perfect time for sleep, then you can use an alarm reminder (cell). No worries. Usually, it requires about 8-9 hours of sleep for an adult and 9-10 hours for all children mostly teenagers and below that level. The benefit of sleeping matters to a much extent in terms of your brain prototyping as it removes all that intoxicated toxins which distracts you, which may obstruct your happiness and perhaps prepares you to be a positive thinker, to start the day better than the previous day. Always be sure to settle down and relax an hour before you go to bed because it will help you drift off more easily; read a book, watch TV (preferably not something violent, aggressive, or even the news) but avoid doing things like homework or anything too stressful that requires you to think, especially if you are a parent or have an elderly relative you need to take care of or a very stressful job.
    2. Image titled Be Healthy and Happy Step 2
      Eat healthy foods. Avoid junk foods and prefer eating fruits and green leafy vegetables every day. This will leave you feeling generally more energetic and happy. Replace unhealthy snacks like a chocolate bar containing lots of calories, boasted with a piece of fruit or perhaps some nuts but do make sure to treat yourself once in a while which is okay. Also avoid too many processed foods altogether..Prefer eating apples, watermelons, papaya, grapes etc. the fruits which contain ultimate source of water. These fruits act as an enriched source for growing immune system, skin clarity/glow, and enhances your eye-vision, as opposed to your ear-hearing.
    3. Image titled Be Healthy and Happy Step 3
      Drink plenty of water. Water is good for everything in your body, the benefits of water are too great to list them all but it's never ending. Water helps to give you clear skin which leaves you feeling happier about your appearance as well! Water is just simply an amazing source in itself for your overall health. So make sure to have it with you at all times whenever you are at work or at studies, or even during exercise sessions. So try to drink 8 glasses a day. Also if you do not really like the taste of water, try flavored or sparkling and maybe add some lemon slices; and of course you can always have Robinson's squash or anything like that.
    4. Image titled Be Healthy and Happy Step 4
      Exercise. Whether it's a brisk walk, a quick jog, martial arts, cardiovascular exercises, aerobics, dancing in your room, playing Wii Fit, anything like that will keep you feeling strong, happy and increase immunity of course, even if you are HIV positive or have a weakened immune system, probably. Obviously you don't have to exercise daily because, lets face it, we don't always have the time, unless you are an athlete, gym instructor etc, but try to fit it in a little and there will surely be the major difference in yourself. You will notice that your immunity system has a certain big hand in bringing such a change.
    5. Image titled Be Healthy and Happy Step 5
      Treat yourself. By this is meant, buying those shoes you always wanted, purchasing some inspirational books from the book store in which there is a great desire in you to love to read (genres depending on) like technologies, health, discovering strengths, developing leadership skills, fiction, novels, thriller stories and many more like that. You can also go to a park, a garden, or any place where you think you can spend some time thinking alone.
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  • How The Length of Your Thumb Reveals How You Behave in Love Relationships


    If you already analyzed the pinky, your index finger, and your finger prints, it is now your turn to look at the thumb. The ratio of the parts up to and from the wrist is hiding some of your personality traits

    A. The first half of thumb is longer than the second one:

    You are a faithful and passionate person. Once you fall in love, you’re head over heels for him/her and tend to be obsessive. Other things such as work or study may get neglected. If your lover is late in replying messages or not much getting in touch with you, you will go crazy and try to call his/her phone many times. Be careful you might scare him/her away.

    B. The first half and the second half of thumb are the same length:

    You like to plan everything and carry them out in a specific approach, which makes you can achieve your goals. You are calm and composed, no matter what happens. In terms of love is the same. You can judge his/her feeling objectively. You won’t let emotions to get you carried away. But, because of your calmness, it’s unlikely to move fast in a relationship; at most you just end up in ambiguous relationship.

    C. The second half of thumb is longer than the first one:

    You are trustable and reliable for people around you. You also have a good observation skill. You take a lot of time to think things and move slowly. In terms of love is the same. Even if you feel you have a crush on someone, you would restrain your feeling. It’s easy for you to miss the change since you’re too conscious of other people’s face.



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  • The health benefits of strong relationships



    Good connections can improve health and increase longevity.




    For many of us, the holidays mean family gatherings, getting together with friends, and participating in special religious, community, and workplace activities. Such occasions are an opportunity to check in with each other, exchange ideas, and perhaps lend a supportive ear or shoulder.

    Social connections like these not only give us pleasure, they also influence our long-term health in ways every bit as powerful as adequate sleep, a good diet, and not smoking. Dozens of studies have shown that people who have satisfying relationships with family, friends, and their community are happier, have fewer health problems, and live longer.

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  • 8 Food You Must Avoid Before Having seks With Your Woman

    Most of the foods we eat affect our sx drive in both positive and negative way. These foods plays dominant roles in destroying many happy home. The funniest thing is that most married about are unaware of these foods. Below are 8 food you must avoid before having sx with your woman:

    1 – Beans: 

    This depends how you are digesting beans. For some, they’ll feel full of energy after a bean-filled meal; for others, they may feel sluggish or, at worst, bloated and even an increase in flatulence. So, best avoided.

    2 – Red meat: 

    For some, red meat energizes, providing them with iron, which will increase oxygenation throughout the body. For some people, red meat itself may make them feel more ‘animal.’

    3 – Cheese: 

    Dairy, generally, is a libido killer. For many, dairy is congesting and mucus-producing, so not the ideal way to feel before sx!

    4 – Hot dogs: 

    The high saturated content of hot dogs can clog up the vaginal and penile arteries, making this the least romantic handheld treat around. All processed foods are a no for libido. Hot dogs are a very processed food in an overly processed bun that provides very little nutrition. You may feel sluggish and low in energy – not good for feeling sxy.
    5 – Peppermint:

    The menthol in peppermint has been shown to reduce testosterone levels, sending your sx drive plummeting. And while bad breath is a turn-off, definitely do not chew gum, as chewing brings more air into your system, making you prone to burp.

    6 – Tonic water: 


    This often contains quinine, which is used as a flavouring agent in tonic water and some other beverages. Quinine has been used as an anti-malarial agent, but it’s been linked to a decrease in sksual function, so avoid before seks.

    7 – French fries: 

    Again, an overly processed food that has a very high glycaemic index, meaning that this food releases its energy very quickly into our systems. You may feel initially good on eating them, but pretty soon after, your energy levels will quickly slump, leaving you feeling low – all libido killers!

    8- Chocolate:

    Choose your chocolate carefully, as not all chocs are bad. Go for dark chocolate that contains a minimum of 70 per cent cocoa, as it will be the most nutritious way to consume this delicious, sensual food! Dark chocolate is naturally high in many antioxidants. Choose raw for the highest possible levels of naturally occurring nutrients.

     Chocolate is rich in L-tryptophan, which is a precursor to serotonin. With good levels of serotonin, we feel happier and this decreases our stress levels. Dark chocolate also contains phenyl ethylamine, which is the same ‘feel good’ chemical that the body produces during those first moments of falling in love


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  • Beautiful women can be bad for your health, according to scientists

    Just five minutes alone with an attractive female raise the levels of cortisol, the body's stress hormone,
    according to a study from the University of Valencia.

    The effects are heightened in men who believe that the woman in question is "out of their league"

    Cortisol is produced by the body under physical or psychological stress and has been linked to heart disease.

    Researchers tested 84 male students by asking each one to sit in a room and solve a Sudoku puzzle. Two strangers,
    one male and one female, were also in the room.

    When the female stranger left the room and the two men remained sitting together, the volunteer's stress levels
    did not rise. However, when the volunteer was left alone with the female stranger, his cortisol levels rose.

    The researchers concluded: “In this study we considered that for most men the presence of an attractive woman
     may induce the perception that there is an opportunity for courtship.

    While some men might avoid attractive women since they think they are "out of their league", the majority would respond with apprehension and a concurrent hormonal response

    This study showed that male Cortisol levels increased after exposure to a five-minute short social contact with a young, attractive woman.

    Cortisol can have a positive effect in small doses, improving alertness and well-being. However, chronically elevated Cortisol levels can worsen medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and impotency.

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  • Can $ex Help You Lose Weight?

    Who doesn’t love the idea of $ex as a workout strategy? Imagine – have fun, have orgasms, burn calories, and get in shape – all at the same time. Perfect!

    $ex does burn calories. Experts estimate 30 minutes of $ex burns 85 to 150 calories. Those calories could add up if you are having $ex often enough. Theoretically, you need to burn about 3,500 calories to lose a pound of body weight, so if you were using up 100 calories every time you had $ex, you could lose one pound if you had $ex 35 times. That sounds pretty good. If you had $ex more often or for a longer period of time, you could burn even more calories.

    The problem is this: Most people are not having $ex for 30 minutes. Instead, the average duration of $ex is closer to 5 minutes. In fact, the biggest increase in your heart rate and blood pressure during $ex only occurs for about 15 seconds during orgasm, and then things quickly return back to normal.

    Plus, you probably don't work as hard as you think you do while you are having $ex. Based on studies of young married men, the amount of stress on the heart during $ex or the increase in the heart rate is estimated to be about the same as walking up two flights of stairs. It is considered mild to moderate physical activity, and your heart rate rarely increases above 130. Yes, you are doing something, but it’s not enough to count as a real workout. Of course, it’s possible that if you have to work a lot harder to have an orgasm, or if you are older, or not physically fit, $ex might entail a bit more strain for you.

    Unless you are having $ex for much longer and with much more vigor than is average, $ex alone is probably not going to get you anywhere near the recommended amount of exercise. The current recommendations for an adult to be healthy are to aim for two and a half hours per week of moderately strenuous physical activity. This would be the same level of effort as brisk walking or dancing. If you think you can achieve this with $ex, by all means go for it, but most people are just not getting enough to reap all of the benefits of exercise.


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  • 10 things that happen to you when you stop having seks

    1. You’re get sick more often. Our immune system gets weaker when we’re not getting any. Want to avoid the cold and flu? Have more $ex. Sounds like a win-win preposition if you ask us.


    2. Your stress levels increase.You can get more anxious because there’s a decrease in “feel good” hormones being released, says Doctor. Lack of $ex is stressful. Even studies have shown that when you’re going through a $ex rut, you absolutely have a harder time dealing with stress-inducing situations.


    3. You have a harder time getting aroused.On the other hand, men could begin to suffer from erectile dysfunction, specifically premature ejaculation. (Hey, the penis IS a muscle. It’s like they say at the gym: use it or lose it.)


    4. Your dreams change.On the positive side of things, you may start having $ex dreams or even orgasm in your sleep. It’s not the same as the real deal, but it’s a nice substitute.


    5. You lose urge to have $ex.Dr. Honickman says that you will start to want $ex less if you haven’t gotten any in a while. Your libido is going to feel off or different than it normally does. And it’s normal that it feels abnormal.


    6. You grow apart from your partner.If you’re in a relationship, you may start getting insecure about the connection you have with your honey. To that end, other people are going to become more attractive to you. Take this as a sign that a healthy $ex life is important.


    7. You self-esteem might suffer.You may feel less attractive and more sad. It’s believed semen has anti-depressant qualities — and no, that’s not just something men have made up so we blow them. Using a condom can have these negative reactions as well.


    8. For men, the risk for prostate cancer rises.It’s more than your immune system. Dr. Honickman says a man’s risk for prostate cancer rises if they go without having $ex for long periods of time. That seems pretty unfair. No orgasms AND you might die. Thanks, universe.


    9. Your vaginal walls get weaker.Having $ex can be like a workout for your Kegels. So even if you aren’t getting any, it’s important to remember to do your Kegel exercises on a daily basis.


    10. Your risk of STIs will decrease.Hey, there’s a silver lining for everything. And interestingly, so does your risk of UTIs. Most of these occur within 24 hours of having $ex. No $ex, majorly decreased chance of infection.

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